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Museum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon LifeMuseum of Walloon Life

Leonardo da Vinci, the inventions of a genius

From February 6 to May 12 2019, the Museum of the Walloon Life will open an exceptional exhibition commemorating the 500th birthday of Leonardo Da Vinci's death, pointing out this genius of the Renaissance.

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This exhibition was created in Brugge in 2017 by Jean-Christophe Hubert & Vincent Damseaux, both from Liège. Currently displaying in Lyon, this exhibition also toured Istanbul & Antalya. Barcelona, Moscow, Kiev and Dubai will follow Liège. Through this world's largest collection of 120 models created in Liège and based on Da Vinci's original sketches, visitors will discover 250 objects featuring documents and reproductions of the Genius.

The exhibition is the result of a team gathering ingeneers, historians, designers and craftsmen whose work is based on the most recent scientific and historical knowledges.
Displayed through a dynamic and astonishing scenography, the collection will be displayed like never ever before.

An outstanding ingenuity

Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous painter, sculptor, philosopher, urbanist, anatomist and botanist bequeathed a legacy of more than 6,000 note pages including hundreds of inventions and experiments. More than an inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci also excelled in the way he transmitted both ancient technologies and knowledges having helped moulding the future as shown inside the exhibition. His inquisitive nature also pushed him to elaborate both scientific and technical knowledges that had been ignored by the European Culture. Da Vinci's work, both turned to the future and the past, is still fascinating and inspiring…

Other facets of a genius

The exhibition consists of several themes featuring ‘the War', ‘Strategic systems', ‘Weaponry & engines', ‘Mechanics and mechanical drives', ‘Lifting and construction', ‘Utility machinery relating to water and to the air', ‘Machine-tools' and ‘Measuring machines'.

Masterpieces and Artwork will also complete the exhibition through previously unreleased movies. Architectural projects as far as scientific treatises will include the famous ‘Vitruvian Man', the drawing presenting ‘the proportions of the human body'.

For the children too !

Educational kits for children and young people (Primary/secondary cycles) are available. But we also offer activities and a « treasure hunt » through the exhibition ! Twenty engines will be displayed and children will be allowed to manipulate them !

The Max Elskamp collection from the Museum of Walloon Life

Nocturlabe, France, 1584

For the very first time, the Museum will display its great collection of gnomonic-related objects, part of the legacy of the symbolist poet Max Elskamp since 1932.

The collection gathers measuring and scientific instruments as far as astrolabs from the 14th to 19th centuries. One of the most exceptional and unique collection in the world !

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What you need to know...

From 07/02 – 12/05/2019

Opening times : From Tuesday to Sunday , 9.30 – 18.00
Mondays only by reservation for groups.
Closed on 1 May
Access for the disabled


Adults : 13€
Students-Seniors & Children : 8€
Groups : (Min. 15 pers.) : 8€
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