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Past exhibitions

The Museum of Walloon Life presented many exhibitions with a wide range of themes in the past. Discover some of these past exhibitions and feel free to contact us by mail :

'Le Jardin du Paradoxe - Regards sur le Cirque Divers à Liège'

- "Le Jardin du paradoxe - regards sur le Cirque Divers à Liège" - 02/17 - 08/16/2018

The Province of Liège is nowadays the depositary of the "Cirque Divers" heritage, of its collection and
of its archives. In the 80s and 90s, the Cirque Divers was a place of cultural and artistic production in
the Outremeuse (En Roture) district, the heart of the history of Liège, cabaret theatre and art gallery.
The exhibition will be peppered with meetings, seminars, conferences, performances, parties,
workshops, concerts, processions and debates. A catalogue published by Yellow Now will accompany
the exhibition.

The "Cirque Divers" (Liège) was born in 1977 and finally died in 1999. It was a place of Paradox and
of universal Lie: open, activist, experimental and anti-establishment. It was a unique experience in
the area of art and culture or counterculture, a great and joyful hurly-burly, rowdy and inopportune,
and of course always "Of a certain cheerfulness".

Born from a will of theatricalizing everything and, in a very situationist spirit, of "spectacularising"
down to our daily activities, it was Fluxus in its own way, it invested the field of performances, adopted
a Panic spirit, practised a very pataphysic style and promoted the minor arts in a major way. The
funnel of the "Cirque Divers" absorbed, concentrated and discussed the ideas of the moment,
multiplied the fields of activity, goaded the authorities. As a real hydropathic cabaret where up to
hundred different beers were served, festive and wacko, it was concerned about creation in all areas
– visual arts, music, performing arts, literature and poetry – as well as about lifelong learning, defining
its attitudes in a very rare way.

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Star Toy Poster

- "Star Toy" - 11/18/2015 - 01/07/2018

Come and join the fantastic and magical universe of toys where anything is possible! Dolls, vehicles, robots, figurines, miniatures, etc. Hundreds of toys will suddenly be looking alive through an incredible setting across this new exhibition!

The display design of the exhibition “Jouet Star” plunges you straight into
this nostalgia-laden, enchanted world. You are sure to encounter toys you
remember from your own childhood. Adored, forgotten, found again –
some toys accompany us through the different stages of life. Playing may
seem like an innocent activity, but do toys embody specific beliefs, values
or stereotypes?

Are you ready to see the world of toys in a new light?


Informations : +32(0)4/279.20.31 - Tickets online :

Opening time : from Tuesday to Sunday - 9.30 am to 6.00 pm

Closed : 05/01, 11/01 & 12/25 and 01/01/2018

Access for disabled people Free access

Adults : 5 €

Students-seniors : 4 €

Children : 3 €

Free every first Sunday of the month

Access for the disabled persons

Programme now available!

You have questions to ask? Please, contact Mrs Julie Degré : +32 (0)4/279.20.78 or contact by mail


Au Nom du FOOT Poster

- "Au Nom du FOOT" - 04/28/2017 - 12/03/2017

Would football (soccer), the most popular sport of the planet, have become a religion?

Before Moscow Liège is welcoming a wide-ranging international exhibition dedicated to the football phenomenon.

Football lovers, determined supporters or simply curious people, “Au nom du foot” (In the name of football”), is intended for everybody. A priori football world and religion world have got nothing in common. But on closer inspection we can see that both worlds have got a lot of strong rituals and offer shared experiences. Moreover the language is similar: admiration, saviours, saints and even gods. Because of the questions asked and the experiences it proposes “Au nom du FOOT” makes it possible to understand the collective passion of football that is transmitted from generation to generation.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover that surprising exhibition in a former church in the middle of an exceptional architectural group of buildings in the historical heart of Liège.

The exhibition is fully translated.


Informations : +32(0)4/279.20.31 - Tickets online :

Opening time : from Tuesday to Sunday - 9.30 am to 6.00 pm

Closed : 11/01 & 12/25

Access for disabled people Free access

Adults : 5 €

Students-seniors : 4 €

Children : 3 €

Free every first Sunday of the month

Access for the disabled persons


HomoMigratus Poster

'HomoMigratus' (The meaning of human migrations)- 04/29/2016 - 12/11/2016

The exhibition that asks many questions...

The phenomenon of migration is inseparable from human nature. Humans have migrated since the dawn of time, creating the world as we know it today. Whether it involves journeys of thousands of kilometres or takes place within a country, migration is always an upheaval.

The exhibition Homo Migratus - Understanding human migration takes a fresh look at this age-old phenomenon. Migration is considered from various angles, helping us to understand the situation today in the light of earlier migratory movements.

We also hear the voices of immigrants of different generations and from different backgrounds. Homo Migratus - Understanding human migration ponders humanity – humanity on the move, hoping for a better life, losing its way and striving for solutions.

A Museum about Society...

For more than a century, the Museum of Walloon Life has worked to preserve individual and collective memories in order to pass them down to future generations. Its field of investigation ranges from the social, urban and industrial environment to oral testimonies and the messages conveyed by objects.

The Museum's collection consists of nearly 100,000 objects, thousands of photographs and archives. To enable the public to discover all these treasures, it regularly mounts temporary exhibitions within the standard route taken by visitors. These exhibitions are based on objects and their relationship with people, with the aim of taking an alternative and questioning look at contemporary society.

Informations : +32(0)4/237 90 60 - Free Access!

You have questions to ask? Please, contact Mr. Jean-Jacques Messiaen  : +32 (0)4/237.28.25 or contact by mail


"Exhibition 14-18 : Liège in torment" - 08/02/14 - 05/31/2015

Liège in Torment

Gain a general understanding from that which is specific, miniscule, intangible and imperceptible through traces from the past.
Like strollers who are curious and receptive to the unpredictable, wander along the paths of the life and survival of the humble and anonymous people of Liège in the crowd. The aim is not to provide a new vision of tragedy, even if it is not possible to silence the sound of suffering and death, both consequences of war. Arising in spite of the misery of everyday life, it is the fraternity, dignity and
joy shared by everyone, that we undertake to help you discover or rediscover.
“Liège in torment” focuses on the Battle of Liège and the heroic resistance of the forts from 4th to 16th August 1914. Also, the spotlight is shone on the difficulty of day-to-day life for the population during the occupation.


- "HOME – Interior portraits" - 11/30/2014 - 05/31/2015


The Polish photographers Andrzej Kramarz and Weronika Łodzińska have travelled the globe to create an original panoramic view of the concept of ‘home'. Extraordinary in their diversity, their images reveal a portrait gallery of interiors, invariably without their occupants: traditional cosy houses, the spartan accommodation of circus performers or truck drivers, or even eccentric monks' cells. Ultimately, these visual reflections on the theme of home are portraits of men and women today – an attempt to capture the spirit of the occupants in order to diagnose our present-day condition.

HOME has received numerous prestigious international awards such as the Epson Art Photo Prize 2005, the PhotoPoland Prize 2007, the European Bank Prize 2008 and the Newsweek Polska Prize. It has been presented in exhibitions in Poland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece and Hungary.

The Museum of Walloon Life has worked for over a hundred years to preserve individual and collective memories for transmission to future generations. Its field of investigation extends from the social, urban and industrial environment to oral testimonies and the messages conveyed by objects. Man is at the centre of its inquiries, through the continual juxtaposition of past and present. It is in this spirit that the Museum is hosting the HOME exhibition, which has been successfully presented at the Krakow Ethnographic Museum.

Informations also available on the official page of ' l'Institut Polonais - Service Culturel de l'ambassade de la République de Pologne à Bruxelles '


A Hat's Life. A Hat for every Head?

- "Une Vie de chapeaux. Un chapeau pour chaque tête?" (' A Hat's Life. A Hat for every Head?') - 09/29/2012 - 09/21/2014

The exhibition Hold onto your hat! bears witness to this and demonstrates that a hat is much more than just a fashion accessory. Useful or pointless, superb or ridiculous, plain or imposing: you will learn about headgear in all its different moods and styles.

Thanks to the richness of the collection at the Museum of Walloon Life, you will discover surprising, little-known and forgotten hats that have been brought out of storage for the period of the exhibition. You will also be immersed in the special world of the millinery industry, from raw materials to production equipment and taking in some very odd tools along the way…

The Museum takes an unexpected and original look at the topic by considering the sociological character of the hat. Were you aware that it reflects the attitudes of an age as much as it testifies to changing customs? Thus the individual memories bound up with objects overlap with the collective memory. From the top hat to Amélie Nothomb's hat or Elvis Pompilio's, this remarkable object has plenty to tell us…

Colourful displays supplemented by archive materials, photographs and videos bring the hats to life. They turn into the exhibition's narrators, and reach out to tell you their story.

Let yourself be swept along…but keep your hat on!

You have questions to ask? Please, contact Mrs Bénédicte Lamine : +32 (0)4/237.28.34 or contact by mail Benedicte.


- " Matières immatérielles" ('Intangible Matter') - 11/09/2013 - 02/16/2014

Original promotionnal poster of the exhibition

This exhibition about contemporary Art reunited the Artists who funded 'L'Atelier 18'. Far from the conventionnal tendencies in Art, the goal of this exhibition was to present some previously never-shown masterpieces whose expressions ranked from lyrism to restraint.
The Artists : Costa Lefkochir, Jean-Luc Herman, Nic Joosen, Guy Boulay, Terry Haass, Raoul Ubac, Nicolas Wolkenar, Armin Göhringer and François Calvat.

You have questions to ask? Please, contact Mrs. Myriam Ouziel : +32 (0)475/683858 or contact by mail


'Murder & Manslaughter'

- "Crimes de sang" ('Murder & Manslaughter')- 03/15 - 09/15/2013

The exhibition « Murder and Manslaughter » focuses in particular on Belgium and endeavours to analyse the phenomenon of violent crime and its historical and current facets. Visitors are invited to observe crimes in their biographical and social contexts. during their visit, they are confronted with their own craving for sensation and prompted to ask themselves some important moral and philosophical questions.

You have questions to ask? Please, contact Mrs Cécile Quoilin : +32 (0)4/237.90.93 or contact by mail


'Madness Vertigo'

- "Vertiges de la folie" (' Madness' Turmoilts') - 03/30 - 08/19/2012

Psychotic murdering, frenzied passion, genius and lunacy, collective idiocy, the mad scientist, religious insanity, madness of power … These well-known expressions are obviously an indication that the insane cannot be considered
on the same level as the mentally ill; madness exceeds and goes beyond our frameworks. In the West it is considered as the opposite of reason. Has this always been the case? And what about the Amazon region, the East or Africa?
Madness has always been a source of inspiration, a topic of debate and scientifi c, moral and political questioning, leading in the exhibition to unexpected associations of objects, works of art and documents. To drive you up the wall !

You have questions to ask? Please, contact Mrs Carine Filiber : +32 (0)4/237.28.30 or contact by mail


'Life in the Attic'

- "Vie de grenier" ('Life in the Attic') - 05/21/2009 - 04/01/2012

By inaugurating the exhibition 'Life in the Attic', the renovated Museum of Walloon Life, opens up its new temporary exhibition space that was created on the second floor. In a playful and unusual manner she'll have you take a look on a selection of unusual objects, tracked down in the museum stocks that were once stored in the attic of the building. What could be the link between a stétophile, a “wrecked up” item and the indiscreet look of a chamber pot? These are some of the atypical and surprising items shown at the exhibition 'Life in the Attic'. The surprising and original musical creations add a special touch to the particular atmosphere in
some of the scenes.Presented in a special box, each object reveals
through anecdotes and stories filled with a pinch of humor, comparisons or questions, its own history… ours.

You have questions to ask? Please, contact Mrs Nadine de Rassenfosse : +32 (0)4/237.28.33 or contact by mail

Intangible Matter
Intangible Matter
Intangible Matter
Intangible Matter
Murder & Manslaughter
Murder & Manslaughter
Madness' Turmoilts
Madness' Turmoilts
Murder & Manslaughter
Life in the Attic
Intangible Matter
Life in the Attic
Life in the Attic