European projects

European projectsEuropean projectsEuropean projectsEuropean projects

Calls for projects

A call for project is the competitive instrument used by European programmes to select the best candidates leading European projects to implement initiatives funded by community subsidies.

FEDER – Regional development projects

No call open.

FEDER – Cross-border projects

INTERREG VA Meuse-Rhine Euroregion programme

5th call: Project proposals may be introduced until 14 January 2019 in the following 3 priorities: Innovation, Economy, and Social inclusion and training.

For more information on this call, please visit the website!

INTERREG VA programme Greater Region

No call open

FEDER – Transnational projects (INTERREG VB)

INTERREG North-West Europe programme

9th call for proposals expected in first half of 2019.

FEDER – Interregional projects (INTRERREG VC)

Interreg Europe programme

No call open

European Social Fund

No call open

EU Funding programmes

Erasmus+ programme

Youth Section for “mobility” and “strategic partnership” projects: deadlines set for 5 February; 30 April and 1st October 2019

Sports Section for small or large-scale collaborative partnerships and non-profit European sports events: deadline set for 4 April 2019

Education and Training section:

  • Individual mobility in the field of higher education: deadline set for 5 February 2019
  • Individual mobility in the fields of professional teaching and training, school education and adult education: deadlines set for 5 February 2019
  • Strategic partnerships in the fields of education and training: deadline set for 21 March 2019

Creative Europe programme

Small and large-scale cooperation projects: deadline set for 11 December 2018

Europe for citizens programme

No call open

Horizon 2020 programme, Healthcare programme, etc.

For some of its programmes, there are multiple funding opportunities defined in multi-annual or annual work programmes prepared by the European Commission. They concern very varied sections. So, do not hesitate to contact the Cellule Fonds Européens if one of your projects meets these programmes goals.